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Proposed Beach Ave development in Peachland 

We would like to introduce you to our proposed resort development located at the existing Todd’s RV and Campground in Peachland!

This site is located along Beach Avenue in Peachland and provides an opportunity to take advantage of the unique 4 acre semi-waterfront setting for a 49-unit Tourist / Residential project that includes 6 luxury beach-side bungalows.

The form of the buildings and bungalows reflects and reinforces the quality and drama of the surrounding landscape and lakefront, resulting in 3 buildings with European hill town style stepped-floor levels that form large terraces on each building and for each individual suite and 6 individual 1 level lake side bungalows.

Each of the three terraced structures has only two suites per floor and one elevator in the middle.

The result is that each suite will enjoy privacy very much like a single-family house, with its own private outdoor space.

Each suite also enjoys a virtually unobstructed 180-degree view of the Okanagan Lake and the mountains beyond, this view is accomplished by large expanses of glass that make up most of the 50ft façade along the terraces of each unit. 

Proposed rezoning

To facilitate the upgrade of the campground to a tourist resort, an application to rezone the site to C5 Tourist Commercial zone from C6 Campground and R1 Single Detached Residential is being proposed.

This change will sustain the tourism uses of the site but upgrade to zone to allow for resort structures. 

We have taken care to place the taller buildings nearest the highway to the north and adjacent the existing buffer strip and existing resort to the west, and place single family and a large landscape buffer adjacent the single family homes to the east.

The proposed

Site Plan 

Section of
the Site 

A section of the site shows elevations relative to the existing Highway 97, and the Desert Pines Ave lowest elevation home, which demonstrates views over the proposed buildings and screening of buildings with existing slope side trees.

Official Community Plan Excerpt 

We feel that this development proposal strongly follows the guidance of the OCP in that we are stepping residences away from Beach Ave, we have screened virtually all parking from pedestrian view, and we have created new BEACHFRONT PUBLIC PARK space! 



– tourism commercial and related uses
– medium density multi-unit residential
– parks and opens spaces


encourage taller buildings and and landmark buildings to anchor the norther extent of the neighborhood and invite pedestrian exploration

– maximize efficiency of land use and enjoyment of views by extending the hillside effects in the Beach Avenue Neighborhood (ie stepping building heights down from Highway 97 to the lake)

– encourange the creation of Public Amenity Space for assembly uses and community events

– encourage screened under building parking to be accessed away from high traffic pedestrian areas and Beach Avenue 

Green Building & Environmental
Sustainability Practices

The project’s structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, heating and ventilation systems are being designed to meet and exceed provincial and national standards. The construction will conform to current green building and best-practices requirements. These will include high-efficiency appliances, powersmart electrical fixtures, in floor heating, on demand hot-water heating, low-consumption water fixtures and other energy saving features. The building will be constructed mainly with steel-reinforced precast and poured-in-place concrete. The reinforced steel used is normally 40% recycled content, and the concrete will have the maximum allowable fly-ash content. These strategies are regarded as progressive and sustainable practices.

The building envelop will be designed to current standards with full rain-screen detailing, roof overhangs and raised deck thresholds. All window glazing will be low-e solar shielding, thermo-pane units in thermally broken anodized aluminum frames.

Throughout the Development all buildings will include naturally ventilated indoor parking, recycling sorting facilities, bicycle storage and car charging stations, high-efficiency lighting, visitor parking stalls and dedicated loading and emergency parking.

All finishes, adhesives and caulking compounds used in the construction of the “Peachland” project will be without harmful VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds). Construction waste will be sorted and recycled whenever possible.

The lakeside elevator corridors and lobbies on level 1, throughout the project will be exterior spaces allowing the continuation of the lush landscape outside into the lobby area combined with water features throughout.

While traveling up to your 2-6 estate level you will enjoy the spectacular views from within the glass fronted elevators thus creating a continuous experience to your private suite entrances.

The architectural expression and the interior design will be of modern design using natural materials in a gracious but restrained manner as we believe the project will be a setting for elegant luxury in a stunning natural location at Okanagan Lake and will become a trend setting style of development.


All landscaping will be designed to maximize the use of ground water and storm water shed from the building. Planters will adhere to natures cape guidelines and include drought-resistant indigenous species to reduce or re-use irrigation water throughout the entire landscape to include the riparian setback area. Existing trees will be preserved as much as possible or moved around and re-used.